What is the I-270 NorthProject?

A: The I-270 North Project is the next step toward improvements along interstate 270 from I-70 on the west to the Chain of Rocks Bridge on the east. This follows the completed I-270 North Environmental Assessment (EA) that addressed impacts of congestion, safety, and mobility, as well as accessibility and aging infrastructure, along I-270. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) determined that the Preferred Alternative for the I-270 North EA will have no significant impact on the area. This means the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) can now move to the next step - upgrading I-270.

Why is this Project needed?

The project is needed because of the current issues on I-270, including outdated highway design, deteriorating infrastructure, and traffic congestion.

  • Safety: I-270 North has a higher crash rate than comparable roads in our region. Some crashes can be attributed to traffic congestion, roadway geometrics, and vehicular travel speed differentials. Our project will improve mobility on the corridor and help reduce crashes related to traffic congestion. This project will make geometric improvements that address locations with high crash rates.
  • Traffic Congestion: I-270 North is one of the heaviest travelled roads in Missouri. On average over 140,000 vehicles travel on I-270 North each day (Average Daily Traffic). I-270 North was constructed when traffic volumes were much lower. The I-270 North Project will improve mobility on the mainline, at the interchanges, and on the outer roads. This design build project aims to reduce traffic congestion faced by local users and interstate travelers.
  • Deteriorating Infrastructure: I-270 is showing its age. Bridges and pavement are breaking down from many years of heavy freight volumes. Traffic signals, signing, drainage structures, and lighting are all deteriorating. The existing infrastructure is breaking down and resulting in emergency maintenance repairs. This project will address deteriorated infrastructure and ultimately will result in fewer work zones along I-270 for years to come.

Why is public involvement important to the project's success?

MoDOT is committed to meaningful stakeholder involvement and creating cost-effective transportation solutions that meet the community's needs. Reconstructing The I-270 North will be challenging from a construction phasing and maintenance of traffic standpoint. It is vital that the traveling public and the communities along I-270 North be involved and informed during development and implementation. MoDOT will keep residents, travelers, and businesses up-to-date on construction impacts and alternate routes for travel during the project.

How can the public learn more and get involved in the project?