I-270 North Corridor Study

Prior to the I-270 North Environmental Assessment, the Missouri Department of Transportation conducted an 18-month high-level feasibility study called the I-270 North Corridor Study. It studied the area between James McDonnell Boulevard and Route 367. The feasibility study identified several problems (or concerns) along the corridor:

  • Limited capacity on I-270
  • Congestion; closely-space interchanges
  • Poor access for metro transit users, bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Confusing two-way cross-over slip ramps to Dunn Road
  • Aging infrastructure

At the end of the feasibility study, MoDOT wrote a final report highlighting the needs, problems and opportunities along the I-270 North Corridor between James McDonnell Boulevard and Route 367. This study was the first step in the project development process.

View the conceptual drawings developed during the study, read the final report, or learn more about the study.

I-270 North Environmental Assessment

Following the I-270 North Corridor Study, an Environmental Assessment (EA) for one of the most travelled corridors in the St. Louis metropolitan region — I-270 — is now complete. The EA details the Preferred Alternative for improving the corridor and the study process.

The I-270 North Environmental Assessment (EA) addressed impacts of congestion, safety, and mobility, as well as accessibility and aging infrastructure along the interstate from I-70 on the west to the Chain of Rocks Bridge on the east. The study area was approximately 15 miles in length with 16 interchanges and included the municipalities of: Bridgeton; Hazelwood; Florissant; Calverton Park; Ferguson; Dellwood; and Bellefontaine Neighbors.

Download the study area map.

The I-270 North Environmental Assessment study milestones are listed below:

  • Spring 2013 Study Begins
  • Summer 2013 Public Meeting #1
  • Late 2013 Reasonable Alternatives Developed
  • Early 2014 Public Meeting #2
  • Spring 2014 Alternatives Evaluation
  • Winter 2015-Spring 2016 Study Hiatus Due to Funding Constraints
  • Fall 2016 Environmental Document
  • Fall 2016 Public Hearing
  • Early 2017 Study Complete

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) determined that the Preferred Alternative for the I-270 North EA will have no significant impact on the area. This meant the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) was able to move to the next step for improving I-270. Currently $225 million is available for upgrading the corridor.

Learn more about the completed Environmental Assessment for I-270 North.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have approved the EA for I-270 from I-70 on the west to the Chain of Rocks Bridge on the east.

The Federal Highway Administration has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for this project. View the document.